The art of doing twice as much in half the time |Jeff Sutherland|TEDAix

A very simple but effective working method is proposed in this talk by Jeff Sutherland. It is entirely reasonable for teams to fear breaking projects down into component parts – this process paints a true picture of the undertaking and sometimes this can be overwhelming. By segmenting the component parts of a large project allows for sub-deadlines and mini-completions. Not only does this make monitoring the progression of a project easier, but it also provides team satisfaction and a source of motivation.

The other striking feature of this talk is the manner in which Jeff Sutherland seamlessly switches between commercial settings and training backgrounds. He gives examples from the Airforce, his role as a professor and then his work within a bank. This reflects the move that the business-world is making towards interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary skill sets.

‘Making. Work. Visible.’ is a nice summary of this talk and something we use in our day-to-day systems.