Life of tlamParalegal December/ January

Combining December and January into one post is indicative of how busy we have been here! The last two months have seen huge growth in our client relationships, skills and team and it is exciting to be reflecting on all of this.

Since November we have had two new graduates joining our team and it’s great to see our ethos resonating with new recruits and being enhanced by their contributions to the team.

Strengthening client relationships

It can be very difficult to put your finger on exactly what you gain from working with a client face-to-face and to express this to someone who has only ever worked remotely. The value of spending time with clients at their offices was something which really came to the fore for our London-based team this month. By spending the day in-office with our client we were able to ask those questions which can cause a flurry of emails or which are simply better answered with recourse to the documents in front of you. We were also able to set up better communication pathways with different members of our client firm, varying current protocols to achieve results quicker and with less disruption.

We are going to work on continuing to strengthen relationships with our clients through in-office days more regularly. Whilst the aim is still to provide unencumbered aid to our client’s through remote working, we are realising that it is beneficial to both us as a team of paralegals and our clients to spend days together face-to-face at the outset of projects and at critical review stages.

We are creating the perfect combination between remote working (outsourcing) and personal client relationships!

Internal communications

During the New Year, a new member of the team has joined in the head office in Tewkesbury. This is providing positive challenges in the form of sharing expertise and translating the ethos of the team virtually. It is such a good opportunity for the team to work on mechanisms for communicating briefs and ideas not simply via email or over the phone – the objective is to create clear instructions, with room for contributions, in a graphic and real-time manner. We are using new task management systems and open-doc style forums to help us.

For next month, another aim will be to have a team meeting at one of our offices to talk over how we have worked together on an operational-level so far.

Additions to our skill-base

New team members have brought new skills – obviously! But also new perspectives. Members of the team in Tewkesbury are busy furthering their expertise in GDPR and preparing to present on regulatory issues in the following month. In London, the real estate knowledge is being shared across our paralegals to a larger extent, enabling us to aid clients in this area to a greater extent and under tighter time restraints. It has led us to think about tracking the expansion of expertise across the team with a view to using this as a gauge of the strength of the team at any given time.

The takeaway from a busy few months and what to expect from February

From September through to November, the team invested a lot of time on enhancing the operations within the company. December and January have provided a great template for how we can continue to improve our operations in a less time consuming and more maintenance-oriented manner. We need to take this on into February as things get even busier and keep taking the time to review, monitor and enhance our service.

The team is going to change again, slightly, and this continuous change is really positive to keep improving skill sets, improving communications and generally moving forward.

We hope everyone has had an equally positive start to 2019. Keep checking in for more updates on the team here and for our insights on sector developments.