This month the team has expanded, and the work has been coming in thick and fast. With these changes afoot, we discuss how this has changed life at tlamParalegals .

The latest addition to our team: Filippos Lamnidis

It was a Thursday morning, my first day at my new job. My thoughts before I left home were the following: don’t be late (for once) and catch the bus in time; Will they like me? Will I be suitable for the job? Will I like the working environment of the company?

Two weeks have passed since that day. During that period of time, I found myself involved in numerous tasks such as conducting a thorough research on corporate bonds and the drafting of a music sync and licence agreement. For those who are currently looking for a paralegal job and are reading this blog in order to get a taste of our everyday life, the following points will be very insightful: YES, the workload can be challenging and you might be asked to undertake tasks surrounding which your knowledge is limited; YES, expectations are and will be very high; NO, there is no such thing as stupid questions; YES, Ed, Lauren and myself will make you feel part of our family as they did in my case.

The Team perspective on the recent changes:

New additions to the team are exciting. The projects are more collaborative. There is more scope for bouncing ideas of each other. The office vibe improves. It has been important to cultivate an ethos of sharing knowledge and expertise and this is coming more and more into fruition as we expand the team.

The team has been provided with some new tasks in the last few weeks and these have provided an opportunity to learn together, critically assess the efficiency of internal processes and find solutions.