Who we serve

Our client base consists mainly of law firms, in-house legal departments and tech startups. Our experience allows us to understand the different needs, and also to  tailor our services to each client’s unique characteristics. For instance, we acknowledge a tech startup’s resources may be limited. We recognise the  need to build solutions, rapidly, in an agile method of project delivery.

We do not believe in unjustified legal fees that fail to reflect commercial realities. We offer scalable solutions, which is why some of the best law firms and UK companies choose us. We deliver high standards at a price like no other and in return, our clients trust us to deliver complex tasks and critical projects.


Our services range from corporate, commercial, employment, commercial property to civil litigation, data privacy and Legaltech. We are adept at tasks such as Company Incorporation, Trademark Applications and Due Dilligence through to more complex drafting, privacy system implementation and management and legal related project management.

How we deliver

Your need is our mission. Whether it is a short-term or a complex long-term project, help is at hand. Some of the decisive factors that we will consider when undertaking projects are: duration, complexity and the number of paralegals required. For instance, it might be more cost and time-efficient for your project’s needs to have a paralegal seconded at your office in order to guide them accordingly, rather than hiring two paralegals on an outsourced basis.

Prior to the delivery of our services, we will provide you with comprehensive courtesy  brief that will outline the estimated period of your project, the objectives, the means of accomplishment and the cost. We find this to be highly effective because you will know exactly where your money is being spent, you will be in position to budget for future investments, and you receive an accountable solution. 


Ideal for long term commitments or well run projects. We can commit resources for a fixed period of time at your office. 

Geographical coverage 

includes London, the West 

Midlands, Gloucestershire,

Bristol and Manchester.


Ideal for long term commitments and routine tasks. We energise our focus on streamlining high quality paralegal services to give you maximum levels of efficiency.


Ideal for long term software based projects, we are proficient in AI and Machine Learning as well as informing product roadmaps on AML, Data Privacy and Privacy by Design.