We maintain a balanced approach to the use of new 'LegalTech', with our paralegals involved in the use of Machine Learning Applications, LegalTech design and actively building understanding on the context in which LegalTech is evolving. We also acknowledge, however, the importance of innovating human working processes simultaneous to the upward trend in LegalTech. 

We value the progression of Project Management Software into the legal sector and we exploit these progressions to deliver legal services in a more efficient and consumer oriented manner. 

For those who are intrigued to experience legal services at the forefront of LegalTech and digital innovation, we are adept at talking in terms of AI, software roadmaps, DLT, ChatBots, and automated contract drafting. For those that are looking for a much more accessible and transparent experience working with paralegals, we are here to speak your language too.

Our team is constantly growing its knowledge and expertise surrounding the multitude of the variable legal technology products on the market including but not limited to e-discovery, machine learning, data analytics and visualisers and project management workflow systems. So, whether you’re experimenting with Artificial Intelligence, Natural language processing, Predictive analytics our paralegal team is here to help